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Dec 28, 2021

We need “a whole economy transition,” the announcement at COP26 of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero stated, where “every company, bank, insurer and investor will have to adjust their business models, develop credible plans for the transition and implement them.” Gillian Tett of the Financial Times said on my Electric Ladies podcast at COP26 that, “what they've done is say we've got 450 institutions from around the world that have 130 trillion (dollars) worth of assets. All of whom are going to commit to try and decarbonize the world's economy and to get supposedly to net zero by 2050.” Joan Michelson in Forbes

You’ve heard about the big United Nations climate conference last month. But what impact did it have? What might it mean for your workplace, or your city, town or community?

Listen to Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson summarize COP26 on the last day of it from Glasgow, in her appearance on GreenTV. She was interviewed by GreenTV Managing Editor and long-time climate reporter Betsy Rosenberg.

You’ll hear about:

  • The big announcements at COP26 that matter.
  • What the Financial Alliance is and why it could make a big difference.
  • What it was like to be there, on the ground, at COP26.
  • Where Joan spoke at COP26 and what she told the audience.
  • Plus, insightful career advice ….

Showing up is critical to business and career success. Just being at COP26, in person, meeting people, even wearing a mask, was powerful, enriching and engaging. I definitely met people I don’t know how else I would have been able to meet – many of whom I’m following up with afterwards.

Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson


Read Joan’s related Forbes articles here too.

You’ll also want to listen to:

  • Sandrine Dixson, Co-President, The Club of Rome, from COP26, about the need for transformational public-private partnerships to get to net zero.
  • Gillian Tett, Financial Times, from COP26, about what the new financial alliance means for a net zero economy.
  • Twila Moon, Ph.D, climate and glacier scientist at University of Colorado at Boulder, National Institute of Snow and Ice Data, from COP26
  • Michele Wucker, thought leaders and author of “You Are What You Risk: The New Art & Science to Navigating an Uncertain World.”

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