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Insights and tips from remarkable women leaders and innovators - from business, policy, science, the arts - who are transforming our world - Energy and sustainability - Career advice too.

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Jan 31, 2017

Women around the globe are most affected by climate change, according to Osprey Orielle Lake, the Founder of the Women’s Environmental and Climate Action Network International (WECAN), for a number of reasons.

Hear why and about the novel trainings that WECAN is providing to women across the globe from joining the...

Jan 27, 2017

Putting your career into higher gear takes deliberate steps, and times of change present opportunities - like what we face now in the energy and sustainability space, especially with the new U.S. leadership.

Grab your notebook or however you take notes for this one! Rita Trehan is a former Human Resources leader at two...

Jan 24, 2017

As we embark on an uncertain energy and climate future with a new U.S. president who denies climate change and embraces fossil fuels, it’s important to keep focused on the risks – and the opportunities – of the energy portfolio and climate change.

Whether you support the fossil fuel industry or think it should be...

Jan 17, 2017

How do you find the job that makes you feel your best, be engaged in your work? 

Those of us in the green economy want to make a difference and bring our passion for it to work. But short of going to work for a non-profit or volunteering, how do we do it?

Listen here to HR Guru Alaina Love for tips on how to find...

Jan 10, 2017

How do you create social value and make money at the same time?

Whether you’re a big company or a small one, or a non-profit, listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s probing conversation with Cheryl Kiser, head of the Lewis Center for Social Innovation at Babson College and co-author of the new book,...