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Insights and tips from remarkable women leaders and innovators - from business, policy, science, the arts - who are transforming our world - Energy and sustainability - Career advice too.

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Feb 29, 2020

Listen to nationally-recognized expert Kate Gordon as she talks about what the green economy really is and the jobs it is creating, including the skills required for those jobs.

She talks about what President Obama have done (and his...

Feb 29, 2020

The front lines of the clean energy economy are fascinating, brutal and potentially very lucrative.

Listen to one of the masters at growing clean energy start-ups, Amy Francetic of the Clean Energy Trust, discuss how it all comes together and CET's $100 million partnership with Argonne National Laboratory

She spoke...

Feb 28, 2020

“Men are presumed to be capable and to have done their homework…questioned about potential… Women…(hear) challenging questions , like ‘Why are you qualified?’…(Yet), women-owned businesses return on average 63% higher rates of return than male-only founded teams.” 

Shelly Porges on Green...

Feb 21, 2020

“The story of the building is important for the artist (because) every model they create, they build a relationship with….they spend hundreds of hours working on that model…It’s a work of art.” Laura Dolan on Green Connections Radio podcast

When I visited the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington, DC a couple of...

Feb 15, 2020

“There are environmental issues that are very important to people on a local level…(but they are) being covered (by the local news media) based on everyday issues in local communities… because it affects tourism, it affects the economy, it affects a lot of things, not to mention the places that we live…(and)...