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Jan 24, 2023

Solutions To Our Waste Problem - Melissa Modica, Waste Harmonica

“We're all doing our part, but the big manufacturers producing the products, we need to go back there. We need to say, how can we do this better?... Clients don't realize that waste and recycling all contribute to that whole initiative with ESG...” Melissa Modica on Electric Ladies Podcast

A fundamental part of any environmental or ESG (environment-social-governance) initiative has to include managing the waste that our businesses and our lifestyles generate. All that stuff you have delivered? Packaging waste. The truth about the waste management system in the U.S. is pathetic, but there are talented people working on it day and night.

Listen to Melissa Modica of Waste Harmonica share some of the creative solutions their clients are using in this enlightening discussion with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson. Melissa is Director of Business Development at Wast Harmonica, and brings many years and credentials to the waste management challenge. 

You’ll hear about:

  • How the current recycling system is ineffective and inefficient
  • What manufacturers, cities, municipalities and MURFs – the facilities that manage our waste – need to do better and faster
  • How the Infrastructure Bill & Inflation Reduction Act are helping
  • How ESG standards and reporting systems are accelerating waste management improvements
  • Plus, insightful career advice, such as…

“Always speak up, you know, put yourself out there. If it's a no, keep going….If you're having a bad day today, let it go. Tomorrow's a new day. Don't bring it into your next workday. You have to just stay focused.” Melissa Modica on Electric Ladies Podcast

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  • Erika Wollam-Nichols, The Bluebird Café – on what their historic, iconic, small venue is doing to reduce their waste. If they can do it, so can the rest of us.
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