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Dec 7, 2018

How to Innovate & Grow a Rewarding Career in the New Auto Business

“I think the auto industry is one of those industries where, if you’re diverse and you’re smart, you have an opportunity…(it) will embrace the intelligence and you can move up fairly quickly.”

Diana Lee on Green Connections Radio

There's a reason Ford recently rebranded as a "mobility company." The auto industry of today is not what it was 20 years ago, and 20 years from now will be yet another incarnation, as choice, flexibility and new technologies evolve, and new markets demand different features and use models.

How do you innovate and how do you grow a career in this rapidly changing sector? Listen to Diana Lee, CEO and Co-founder of Constellation Agency, a digital marketing technology company focused on the automotive sector, who has spent 30 years in the industry.

You'll hear:

  • Where the sector is going - and what's driving those changes.
  • What needs to change for the sector to evolve with new market demands, new demographics, and new technologies.
  • How to build a rewarding career in today's car biz - on every level.
  • What women in particular need to know and do to advance in this male-dominated industry (tips that apply to any such industry).
  • The biggest hurdles to career and financial success in the new car business - and how to overcome them.
  • Listen carefully for great career tips, too!

Such as: “The number one having enough self-confidence to take the risks, to find the advocates, to ask for the promotion.  Without the self-confidence, I don’t think you can get ahead, especially in a male-dominated industry. have to believe you deserve that promotion.”

Diana Lee on Green Connections Radio

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