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Oct 9, 2020

“It’s a network gap…Every board has its own ecosystem.” Jocelyn Mangan on Green Connections Radio podcast

Women still make up only 26.1% of corporate boards, despite clear evidence that companies with more women on the board perform better on all metrics, including financially. So, if you want to figure out how to grab one of those coveted seats, it’s important to get prepared, network, especially with men and make it known.

Listen to this fascinating interview with Jocelyn Mangan to find out:

  • How to prepare yourself to be a great board member (and pass your interviews)
  • What it takes be a valuable board member.
  • How to connect with men who can help you with your board-related goals.
  • What makes a biography for a board different than a regular biography.
  • Plus…Important career advice

 “Be guided by people and purpose…(find people who are) inspiring you, making you better…and listen to your gut, not the news or other people’s input” when it comes to career decisions.

Jocelyn Mangan on Green Connections Radio podcast


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