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Mar 14, 2017

“Our infrastructure was designed for the climate we had and not the climate we now have.” Kathy Jacobs Extreme weather, hurricanes, droughts and floods all affect us personally every single day either in our ability to go to work or school or the prices we pay for food. Is this “a normal cycle” of climate change or manmade and accelerating? Over three hundred top scientists guided by a 60-member Federal Advisory Committee found out based on scientific data and reported their findings in the recently released non-partisan, non-ideological, easy to read and navigate 2016 National Climate Assessment. This assessment has been produced during the administrations of both political parties and is strictly non-political. Listen to this gripping discussion on Green Connections Radio between host Joan Michelson and Kathy Jacobs, Director of the Center for Climate Science and Adaptation at University of Arizona and one of the leaders who produced the report. You’ll never look at the roads and bridges you travel on the same again. Hear about: How scientists can distinguish between “normal” climate change and “manmade.” Molecules! The impact on our infrastructure - the roads, bridges, electricity and phones we need every day. What climate change means for our food supply - and our wallets. Where the opportunities are – to make money, save money and make our lives better. How the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to NOAA, the EPA, the Dept. of Energy and other agencies will affect our daily lives, health, lifestyle and personal budgets. The economic opportunities for the U.S. of maintaining the Paris Climate Accord – Note: It’s about control. How to engage people who do not believe in climate change. Plus career tips and more….you’ll want to take notes! To learn more about Katharine Jacobs, the National Climate Assessment and Green Connections Radio, go to Thanks for subscribing on iTunes or iHeartRadio and leaving us a review! Also, join our Facebook Page  and share your insights! Email us: or reach us on Twitter @joanmichelson  

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