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Dec 16, 2016

This will surprise you.

As a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the former Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Military Advisor at CNA, a top national security think tank, Sherri Goodman knows national security.  She pioneered Environmental Security, leading Defense’s analyses of how a changing climate affects national security – and what the Defense establishment needs to do to address it.  

Sherri opens our eyes about how the environment and climate change are national security issues – big time – and what the new U.S. administration will face in this powerful interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

“We the people” need to pressure our leaders to address these issues – and to keep the Paris Climate Accord in place as a national security issue.

Listen to Sherri Goodman explain:

  • How climate change is a national security issue.
  • Wars over water, food, natural resources.
  • Why your area might not get what it needs in a disaster because of it.
  • What we can do about it – and tell our Members of Congress and Mayors to do.

And more!

To learn more about Sherri Goodman and Green Connections Radio, go to

This interview was conducted while she was at CNA and now she’s at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

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