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Sep 27, 2019

"Plant-based diets are better for the planet....but meat is not necessarily to blame for climate change." Robin Currey on Green Connections Radio

As we face climate week at the U.N. this week, one of the more delicate issues is the threat that climate change poses to our food supply and in turn, the way our current food systems exacerbate climate change.

So, we thought  it's a great time to hear from a food systems expert and get the facts.. Listen to Robin Currey, Faculty Director of Sustainable Food Systems at Prescott College address these issues with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson in this in-depth interview.

You'll  learn about:

·       How the current way we get our food - our food systems - can make climate change worse.

·       How climate change is endangering our food supply

·       The facts about "organic" foods and how they can help the rest of the food supply

·       3 tips for eating to aid mitigation of climate change (instead of make it worse).

·       Great career tips!

"Pay attention to the people around you, and listen to what they see in your career." Robin Currey on Green Connections Radio

 You'll also want to listen to:

·       Haley Lowry, Global Sustainability, Dow Chemical on food packaging·       Amy Bachman, DC Central Kitchen, food security ·       Molly Brown, Formerly of NASA on food and climate change·       Kathy Loftus, Global Sustainable Facilities, Whole Foods

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