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Apr 7, 2018

"Women don't do a very good job of building strategic relationships...(Building relationships with) the people that can help imperative." Cindy Simpson on Electric Ladies podcast

Attending the ARPA-E Innovation Summit recently, we noticed the dearth of women in attendance, and, frustrated, sat down with someone who had some great answers and great advice for women who want to advance their careers.

Listen to Cindy Simpson, Chief Business Development Officer of the Assn. for Women in Science, and a long-time advocate for women, in this insightful conversation with host Joan Michelson.

You'll hear - take notes!:

  • Why women don't build strategic relationships and how to.
  • Why women are not advocating for their own advancement and how to do so, with great practical tips. (What's your career elevator pitch? What you do well, why it's important, successes.)
  • Getting out of your comfort zone (and out of the lab or office).
  • How many men do want to help but are confused and need guidance.
  • How to reframe what you "haven't done" into what you can do and how that makes you valuable in the job you're interviewing for, or to your startup.

...and more (with examples!)

"Keep your eyes open for opportunities…Don’t think you have to have 100% of the job description, you’ll learn the rest on the job…Don’t turn anything down.” Cindy Simpson on Electric Ladies podcast

Producer's Note: This was recorded on location at the ARPA-E conference, so there is some background noise (not bad).

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