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May 31, 2022

“Part of our culture, a core value, we call it disciplined innovation. So, innovation that leads to execution is our goal. It's a lot of fun to be able to spitball together different ideas…But then to kind of boil that down and say ‘what makes a great business model? What also helps real people in the real world like us? What would we want to do? How would we want to drive it? What would we want to see for our families?” Sue Ozdemir on Electric Ladies Podcast Besides being cool and fun to drive, electric vehicles are examples of how to innovate.  Six big automakers are transitioning their entire product line to EVs over the next few years, but our guest today, a former GE executive, says that big corporates can’t innovate. Why? What’s a better way?

Listen to Sue Ozdemir of Exro Technologies – which makes key EV engine parts – explain why corporates struggle to innovate and how they do it so well, in this fascinating conversation with Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson.  

You’ll hear:

  • How Exro’s technologies make EVs run—and better.
  • Why she says corporates can’t innovate
  • What “disciplined innovation” is and whether it stifles potentially magical ideas.
  • How to recruit for innovation, as well as for technical skills.
  • How to get hired in a new or young industry – at any age and stage.
  • Plus, insightful career advice ….

“Generally speaking, all females, you just have to be a little bit ahead of your game all the time. You have to know a little bit more, you have to be a little bit more prepared. You have to kind of let things slide a little bit more often…And, don't apologize for the room that we own. We worked hard to be here and we own the space…We deserve to be here. And don't apologize for that.” Sue Ozdemir on Electric Ladies podcast

You’ll also want to listen to:

  • Mia Bevacqua, – on how electric vehicles work
  • Maureen Kline, Pirelli Tires, Sustainability head – on sustainable, smart tires
  • Neha Palmer, CEO/Cofounder of TeraWatt Infrastructure – on building charging for EV trucks, fleets
  • Katie Sloan, Southern California Edison, eMobility – on how to increase EV adoption at scale
  • Jackie Birdsall, Toyota, Senior Engineer, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles – on how fuel cell vehicles work

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