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Jan 29, 2021

“In a crisis time, you need the most creative ideas and the most differing experiences and perspectives, which is obviously what diversity provides…So, particularly companies need to be ever-vigilant in that they don’t skimp in their focus around diversity,”

Laura Liswood, Secretary General of the Counsel of Women World Leaders warned in a World Economic Forum’s Davos 2021

As our economies seek ways to emerge stronger from this covid pandemic and the economic crisis it caused, it is shocking that so few women (and under-represented groups) are at the leadership tables planning this recovery.

Listen to this fascinating interview with Laura Liswood on the benefits women bring simply because they have NOT been in control. Liswood is Secretary General of the Council of Women World Leaders and has studied, interviewed and worked with dozens of female heads of state and ministers, Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits, including having led diversity programs.

Laura spoke at the World Economic Forum 2021 about these issues, and this interview was recorded prior to the pandemic.

You'll hear:

  • What exactly “dominant” and “non-dominant” styles are and why they drive an organization.
  • How women’s networks are different than men’s – and the pros and cons.
  • How women collaborate and why it depends on their “dominance” in the organization.
  • How leveraging women’s creative instincts helps drive innovation.
  • How women’s way of preparing makes raises the group performance.
  • Critical career advice… and much more!

“What is your true north that is going to make you feel really energized? Be open to what the possibilities can be for you. As Mary Catherine Bateson has said, women’s life experiences are more likely to  look like a quilt, with blocks of experience.” Laura Liswood on Green Connections Radio

Read my Forbes blogs about why having so few women leaders planning the recovery matters, with other insights from Laura during the WEF, and about the multi-generational workforce and with career insights here.

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