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Jun 5, 2018

"Do a lot of research so you know what the problem you're trying to solve really is."

Valeria Cole on Green Connections Radio

Skincare is a $130.7 billion industry, according to a 2017 study and the top driver of that growth is the demand for "natural" products.

Listen to Valeria Cole, Founder and CEO of Teadoro skincare line made from Rainforest plants from her native Brazil tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how she went from being Apple's head of marketing in Latin America to starting a skincare line in her kitchen. She shares great lessons for all entrepreneurs (and wanna be's).

You'll hear:

  • How she sources ingredients to keep it natural, with an eye on Rainforest conservation too.
  • The challenges of distribution when you're a tiny company, even with her high level connections.
  • Why she says researching the problem, not just your solution, is critical.
  • What "anti-aging" really means.
  • From the board room to the chemistry lab: why learning the basics of your entrepreneurial venture makes the difference.

Plus...unexpected advice for new entrepreneurs: "The entrepreneurs who are not dedicated to the business 100% sometimes do better, because they have more idea sources, are less frantic and feel less pressured."

"You have to understand the supply chain all the way through."

Valeria Cole on Green Connections Radio

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