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Nov 15, 2019

“We now have an appetite for intervention. There’s a willingness because we are all at a point where the impacts are being felt so broadly…The urgency is being met with a will to act.” 

Beth Gibbons on Green Connections Radio


Local leaders are managing the very real devastation to their communities and...

Nov 15, 2019

Nardia Haigh, U. of Mass, Boston

“Scenario planning…is really about trying to think, what could the future look like? And, how can we adapt and prepare for whatever the future might hold? You do that by identifying what are the underlying drivers? What’s going to shape the future one way or the other?” 

Nardia Haigh on Green Connections Radio

Nov 1, 2019

“Science can do amazing things and answer questions for us,” she told me, “but then we can use that knowledge to do this in a responsible way or in an irresponsible way….Science is good to have. Then, what are you going to use it for and how do you do it responsibly?”

Kay Gebhardt on Green Connections...

Oct 26, 2019

“A 40 foot electric bus can save up to 100 metric tons of greenhouse gas per year, which is really what a traditional…bus would emit per year.”

Margaret Lewis on Green Connections Radio


Transportation is one of the top three contributors to climate change, responsible for about 40% of the CO2 that goes into...

Oct 19, 2019

“These women have had networks and support structures and other kinds of community support that helped them get there in spite of an uphill battle….For men, the narrative is that they made it on their own. We downplay the role that mentorship played in (men's) making their way into a leadership role.” Heather...