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Green Connections Radio - Insights on Innovation, Sustainability, Clean Energy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Careers w Top Leaders, Women




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Dec 16, 2016

This will surprise you.

As a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the former Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Military Advisor at CNA, a top national security think tank, Sherri Goodman knows national security.  She pioneered Environmental Security, leading Defense’s analyses of how a changing climate affects national security – and what the Defense establishment needs to do to address it.  

Sherri opens our eyes about how the environment and climate change are national security issues – big time – and what the new U.S. administration will face in this powerful interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

“We the people” need to pressure our leaders to address these issues – and to keep the Paris Climate Accord in place as a national security issue.

Listen to Sherri Goodman explain:

  • How climate change is a national security issue.
  • Wars over water, food, natural resources.
  • Why your area might not get what it needs in a disaster because of it.
  • What we can do about it – and tell our Members of Congress and Mayors to do.

And more!

To learn more about Sherri Goodman and Green Connections Radio, go to

This interview was conducted while she was at CNA and now she’s at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

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Sep 16, 2016

Remember the last concert or sporting event you attended….Did you notice how much energy is being consumed by that venue? Lights for starters are a fortune, and concession stands use energy and spew all kinds of waste as they keep us fueled up.

AEG Worldwide, which owns hundreds of venues around the globe has been on the forefront of transforming these venues into more eco-friendly versions. A key force in doing so is AEG Worldwide Director of Sustainability, Jennifer Regan, who has encountered surprising resistance along the way.

Listen to this fascinating discussion between AEG’s Jennifer Regan and Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson and you’ll be looking at the hotels and entertainment venues you visit in a whole new way.


Sep 13, 2016

For 25 years, Ceres has been a force to be reckoned with as they drive sustainable business practices in the world’s largest companies. Ceres engages investors, executives and policymakers to use their own business practices and resources to stop “the bus coming towards us and our kids called climate change” from wrecking our economy and our lives. With the newly-signed COP21 Paris Accord, where 55 countries

How? Listen to this compelling discussion between Ceres CEO Mindy Lubber and Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson held at the recent Climate Leadership Gala, where Mindy and Ceres were honored.

You might be motivated to find zero-water use jeans! (It normally takes 3,000 gallons of water to make a pair of jeans.





Sep 9, 2016

Doing well by doing good is a universal value - but is it only for the lucky few? Nancy Pfund, Managing Partner of DBL Investors, who has been featured in the New York Times as a pioneer, talks with Green Connections host Joan Michelson about how to do it.

What are the key components? Is there a trade-off? 

Listen to this fascinating discussion with this powerful and kind former lead investor in Tesla and Solar City, from the Climate Leadership Gala.

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May 16, 2016

There is no tradeoff between luxury and sustainability, says Cindy Ortega, SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer of MGM Resorts, who ensures their 23 luxury resorts worldwide use the most viable sustainable options - with surprises. Part change agent, part CFO, and part sustainability evangelist, Cindy shares practical tips for selling sustainability (or any change) internally, motivating employees – and for advancing your career (especially for women). Innovation lessons abound, You'll want to take notes! 

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Nov 11, 2015

The #1 cause of many business failures is: Being blind to threats and opportunities. So what are we missing – and how do we stop the blindness?  

Find out how our blind spots keep us stuck -- and how to see new, contrary ideas -- in this engaging interview, Green Connections host Joan Michelson talks with TED Talk phenom Margaret Heffernan, author of "Willful Blindness: Why we ignore the obvious at our peril," serial tech entrepreneur, former BBC journalist and consultant to top CEOs worldwide. Find out here how we get in our own way and what we can do to keep our eyes open to threats and opportunities.

The book was a finalist for the prestigious Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Best Business Book award.

Nov 4, 2015

Reducing energy and water use in big businesses is a "big pivot" that requires and/or affects all their stakeholders -- and requires innovative solutions. It can even change their business model.

Listen here to the Global Head of GE Ecomagination Deb Frodl tell Green Connections host Joan Michelson about how they chose eight huge multinationals to collaborate with to find innovative solutions and how they work.

It may give you ideas for your own needs.

Oct 28, 2015

"Change, adapt or die."  In this conversation with Green Connections host Joan Michelson, author Jeffrey Hayzlett encourages audiences to "own who you are," to "think big, act bigger" (the title of his new book), and to listen....carefully...

But how do you "act big" when you don't have the money? How do you know when to adapt and when to hold firm? What's his number one tip for succeeding in business and how to broaden your audience? Listen to Hayzlett share his lessons from being the Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak, and currently a sales consultant, host of business talk shows, and author of three best-sellers. He may also be familiar from "Celebrity Apprentice." You may want to take notes!

Aug 31, 2015

The effervescent Geeta Nadkarni – who wowed the audience of 1700 professional speakers at the National Speakers Association “Influence” conference – tells us how to be a “media magnet” by doing our own public relations. In this short interview, Geeta and Green Connections host Joan Michelson (also a pr maven) share some easier-than-you think tips for leveraging the media to build your audience without hiring a PR firm. Priceless.

Geeta recently launched Baby Got Booked, an online training course that helps entrepreneurs and experts do their own PR.   

For tips that you can apply today to get booked, listen now, and subscribe to Green Connections on iTunes.

Aug 10, 2015

Grapes as eyeballs? Coach, author and speaker, Laurie Guest explains to Green Connections host Joan Michelson how to use stories, images and humor in your conversations and presentations to engage and influence your audience. That can be a lunch meeting for two, an internal meeting of five, or a conference with hundreds.

They also talk about the third rail of business: how to set your fees and manage expectations for your services. Much of what we do every day in business is intangible, unless it’s products. So…how do we know when we’ve had an impact and met (or exceeded) our client’s and expectations?

Live from the “Influence”- themed National Speakers Association annual conference.  Listen now and “up your game” today, and subscribe to Green Connections on iTunes.

Aug 7, 2015

Do you want to grow your career? Feel stuck? What are the practical things you can do and say at work tomorrow to boost your performance and success? Listen to David Dye, former Fortune 500 executive, executive coach and author, tell Green Connections host Joan Michelson in this engaging, practical discussion about building your influence and impact. Some may surprise you…

These include tips from his new book, "The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say.”  This interview was conducted, appropriately, at the “Influence”-themed annual National Speakers Association conference. Listen now and subscribe to Green Connections on iTunes.

Aug 6, 2015

“Dragon Lady” leadership coach Liz Weber tells Green Connections host Joan Michelson in this fascinating conversation how she earned the name “The Dragon Lady” – and the pivotal breakthrough that came with it – that can help you achieve more faster.

Liz and Joan reveal behaviors and strategies that can help leaders and change agents of any level across industries move up and become stronger leaders -- and where they get in their own way (especially women).  Discover blocks you might have to progress without realizing it. Listen now, and subscribe to Green Connections on iTunes.

This interview was conducted, appropriately, at the “Influence”-themed annual National Speakers Association conference.

Jul 23, 2015

The new Executive Director of the Environmental Defense Fund, Diane Regas, explains to GCR host Joan Michelson why Pope Francis might shift the discussion on climate change, including maybe on the EPA’s new standards for power plants in the long run.  And, what each of us can do about it. Armed with a unique combination background for an environmental leader -- economics, law and science – she sees it from many sides.

Diane also shares lessons from her career journey, especially through the terrain so treacherous for ambitious women: middle management. Listen now, and subscribe to Green Connections on iTunes.

Jul 15, 2015

You may really be sitting on plastic bottles in your car, and there may be potatoes and other veggies in your car too, and I don’t mean in your grocery bag. Carol Kordich, head of Global Sustainable Fabric Strategies and Development at Ford Motor Company explains to Green Connections host Joan Michelson how significant parts of several Ford cars and trucks are made from sustainable materials.

That includes seat fabric made in part from the REPREVE material that turns plastic water bottles into car seats. Listen to Carol and Joan talk about how Carol is transitioning Ford to achieve its goal of 25% recycled materials in ALL Ford vehicles – including in their big, brawny muscle truck the F-150 – and how they are transforming the supply chain to be more sustainable. Carol’s own career transition story is inspiring too. Listen now, and subscribe to Green Connections on iTunes.