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May 17, 2019

We recognize that women add fundamentally different and unique and a very powerful contribution to creating new ideas, new products, new services.”   Alfia Ilicheva on Electric Ladies podcast

If you think only the “ah-ha” ideas become successful businesses (or nonprofits), then Alfia Ilicheva and Maria Potoroczyn want to talk to you.  They believe it’s a deliberative process that anyone, especially women, can do.   

Listen to Alfia and Maria, Cofounders of Women in Innovation, a nascent educational nonprofit based in New York City, talk about how they are leveraging their years in innovation consulting with large firms – and their contacts – to help women learn and succeed with the processes they have found successful.

You'll hear:

·       Why innovation is not “magic” – but a set of choices and processes that lead to specific goals and ROI (returns on investment – whatever ROI is to you). ·       Specific tips and strategies for making innovation work – from building a team, to brainstorming ideas, to culling them down, to executing on the ones chosen. “Significant opportunities don’t just magically appear out of thin air; “you’re strategically, mindfully creating these opportunities,” Alfia said.

·       What they believe are the unique gifts and challenges that women bring to the innovators' table.

·       How they have grown their community with very low expenses and an all volunteer staff.

·       Plus,, career advice, including how they are each raising small children at the same time!

“Our goal is to close the gender gap in business and thought leadership in the innovation industry…” Alfia Ilicheva on Green Connections Radio

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