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Feb 15, 2020

“There are environmental issues that are very important to people on a local level…(but they are) being covered (by the local news media) based on everyday issues in local communities… because it affects tourism, it affects the economy, it affects a lot of things, not to mention the places that we live…(and) because it affects their taxes.” 

Wanda Lloyd on Green Connections Radio

With the news media today critical to our well-being, our economy and democracy, and under attack, we are taking a look inside how the media works, how it covers climate change, and how women reporters are different, with a consummate insider.

Listen to Wanda Smalls Lloyd, former senior editor at USA Today and at local newspapers, and a former Washington Post executive – and author of the new book, “Coming Full Circle: From Jim Crow to Journalism – in this eye-opening interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson. She provides valuable career advice too.

You'll hear:

  • How the news media approaches climate change stories.
  • How women reporters report on different stories and ask different questions.
  • How she excelled in a (white) male-dominated industry as a woman of color.
  • Why your background matters, even as a reporter.
  • Great career advice for any career, especially for women … and much more!

Read my Forbes blogs on my interview with Wanda too.            

“Ask questions and ask good questions so people remember you…It really is personal branding and follow up…Comment on their posts and get to know them on a personal level.” Wanda Lloyd on Green Connections Radio

You'll also want to listen to:

  • Hannah Fairfield, Climate Editor, The Washington Post.
  • Jen Boynton, Editor, TriplePundit Media (now owned by 3BL Media)
  • Joann Lublin, WSJ Management News Editor on success tips from top women CEOs
  • Christa Marshall, Energy Reporter, E&E News, on covering energy trends and policy.
  • Jay Newton-Small, Time magazine, author of “Broad Influence: How women are Changing They Way America Works.”

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