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Oct 11, 2019

“You have to take a long-term view, which means you may need to invest more up front in order to give people the flexibility or better benefits, and the returns we know we get with a more diverse workforce are greater innovation, we get an improved bottom line.”

Kristin Haffert on Green Connections Radio


One of the ways that many employee survey tools fall short, is that they don’t measure how your workforce feels about specific aspects of their workplace, and even specific policies.  Enter Kristin Haffert and her company Mine the Gap’s new survey, conducted with FTI Consulting.

Listen to this episode Kristin explain to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson what the “enthusiasm gap” is between men and women in the workplace according to their new research, and if you listen closely, you’ll hear what you can do about it.   

If you care about these issues in your workplace, you’ll want to take notes….

You’ll hear:

·       What the “enthusiasm gap” is and why it matters. ·       Why women think they are not being promoted – and why they leave one job to do  something else or work someplace else.·       The top workplace issues for women, especially in energy and tech fields, as well as other fields. You may be surprised…and if you think these don’t apply to you, ask the women on your team.·       Why training the women on your team is not the answer. “There’s this tension between I’m being expected to fit in…and I have a whole toolbox that you’ve never even seen.”·       And, so much more!

"Take the talent and focus (you) have and build a small, informal kind of committee for (yourself) wo can continue to give (you) advice. Even when you feel very directed and you know where you want to be in your professional life, your life will always become richer with the feedback and advice from people who have already gone through similar things.”

Kristin Haffert on Green Connections Radio

You’ll also want to listen to:

·       Laura Liswood, Diversity & Inclusion expert, Secretary General of the Council of Women World Leaders 

Lauren Leader-Chivee: former president of the Center for Talent Innovation, author on book on women in leadership·       Mary Lee Gannon, CEO of a multimillion dollar healthcare foundation and executive coach, on maximizing a multigenerational workforce.

·       Rainia Washington,VP, Global head of Diversity and Inclusion at Lockheed on innovating with purpose.

·       Go for the Outliers, Read Joan’s Forbes blog on hiring people who don’t “fit in.”


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