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Jun 19, 2021

Do you enjoy your own company? Really. Do you?

Many of us have been spending a lot of time alone lately due to the pandemic (unless of course, you have kids living at home, in which case you probably wish you had more time alone).

We can see being alone as miserable and waste the time complaining and binge-ing, or we can see being alone as the gift of quiet time, as an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate our own company.  Psychotherapist Dr. Stephanie Dowrick, in her best-selling book “Intimacy and Solitude,” calls it “welcoming time with your own self as you might welcome time with a friend.” 

We can also see it as a time to tap our own Innovators DNA for new, creative ideas and solutions. Listen to this webinar Joan did for Lead Up for Women on how.

You'll hear:

  • About the five components of the Innovator's DNA and why they matter
  • How to use alone-time to tap your own creativity.
  • Why being your own best friend matters - and is fun, and makes you a better partner, friend, boss or co-worker.
  • Steps you can take today, and tomorrow, including for your career.

"We spend so much time reacting to and being distracted by other people’s ideas, agendas, stories, news and priorities...that we can lose sight of our own ideas, and of what we want. Our inboxes are full of other people’s agendas and priorities." Joan Michelson in Lead Up for Women magazine

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