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Nov 22, 2019

“I personally have medical allergies…When I was able to figure out the difference between one egg and a Vital Farms egg, I don’t have an egg allergy! It turns out that I have a feed and a hormone allergy, which got me excited. Wait a second, this is great knowledge! What (else)…do I not have allergies to?” Gabrielle (Ellie) Rubenstein on Green Connections Radio

Do you know what’s really in your food? Do you know where it comes from (and I don’t mean the market)?  In this enlightening interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson, Gabrielle (Ellie) Rubenstein, entrepreneur and investor like her famous father and self-described “outdoorswoman” like her mother, enlightens us about how our food supply chain really works and how we can make it more transparent and healthier. She’s on a mission….

You’ll learn:

  • Why, like Ellie, you may not actually be allergic to the foods you think, but it’s about how they were raised or processed.
  • The four “buckets” of our food supply chain and where it breaks down, to our detriment.
  • How our food supply chain can be much more transparent, traceable, accessible, safe and healthier.
  • Questions you should ask your markets and food vendors, and of the restaurants you dine in.
  • How climate change is affecting the food supply chain and what we can do about it….and
  • Insightful career advice too!

“I actually think mid-career is the best time. You have knowledge. You have somewhat of confidence to probably go exercise on that knowledge, but most people don’t realize that the knowledge they’ve already gained….can actually be used to make money ….

I would encourage people to think about, what can only you do? And go do it.”

Gabrielle (Ellie) Rubenstein on Green Connections Radio

Read my Forbes blog about Ellie here too.

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