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Oct 30, 2020

“We all have to recognize whether we’re working in industry or government or in the nonprofit sector, is change is a constant...(Y)ou constantly have to be thinking about your next move. Life is not a game of checkers these days, it’s a game of chess and you have to be thinking three or four steps beyond where you are now if at all possible.” Deborah Lee James on Green Connections Radio podcast.

From managing life-and death crises to managing career decisions and "jerks," Secretary James tells Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson the truth about being a strong woman advancing in an organization up to leadership.

Listen to this fascinating interview and discover:

  • Approaches we can all learn from the military, especially with their in-depth experience in dealing with crisis.
  • What resilience is and can be for those of us who don't want setbacks to stop our march onward.
  • What "the best leaders" do to inspire and drive great teams to successful results.
  • The five step process she applies successfully to every situation and why we all could.
  • Great career advice for women who are always advancing.


"So often women in leadership roles have labels put upon them. You know, they’re a bitch, they’re unduly aggressive, they’re not likeable,...I don’t have a magic formula for overcoming this, but ...number 1, aware of this phenomenon, because it is true, this is gender bias...and I just try to be extra careful with my communications and in the way I treat people. And in this way I attempt at least to overcome the gender bias that is out there for strong women.” Deborah Lee James on Green Connections Radio podcast.

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