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Apr 18, 2017

With so much innovation in the energy sector, the rapid expansion of renewable energy, development of a “smart grid” and the Internet of Things technologies, the utilities have to evolve too. And, without dropping any service to anyone, ever.

So, what’s a utility to do to survive – and to thrive?

Enter Mary Powell, CEO of Green Mountain Power in Vermont, who was chosen as one of Fast Company’s most innovative people. She’s turning the business model of a utility on its head, and retains the support of her board because she’s succeeding in every way – customer service ratings in the 90%s and generating sold financial results. How?

Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s fascinating conversion with Mary Poweell about:

  • What being an “un-utility” means.
  • How Green Mountain Power is innovating a legacy industry – and one on which we all depend.
  • Being truly customer-focused
  • Making money by selling less.
  • Why and how she made a ground-breaking deal with Tesla.

To learn more about Mary Powell and Green Mountain Power and about Green Connections Radio, go to

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