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May 31, 2019

“(T)here’s an enormous opportunity to talk about sustainability and environmentalism in a way that captures the imagination of an everyday consumer or an everyday fashion lover and find a way to make it exciting and interesting and accessible.“ Laura Jones on Green Connections Radio

Celebrity stylist Laura Jones found herself overwhelmed when she realized the field she had dedicated her career to was damaging the environment big time: fashion.  Then, she resolved to do something about it.

Listen to Laura describe her journey from celebrity stylist to sustainability advocate in this heartfelt interview with Joan Michelson on Green Connections Radio podcast. 


 Laura talks about:

·       How she got from stylist to sustainability advocate·       What the biggest issues are in addressing sustainability in fashion.·       How to “dress your values” and why it’s easier than you think.·       Why retailers and designers don’t talk about their sustainability efforts.·       Plus, unique career advice that reflects lessons from her own evolution.

“Ask a lot of questions, more than you think is acceptable. And, you should ask those questions of yourself…of your family….of everyone that you know or that knows someone in the field you want to go into.” Laura Jones on Green Connections Radio

Read my Forbes blogs about her magazine here and on her career advice here too..

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