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Nov 22, 2022

“The fashion industry is a supply chain….but the reality is it’s a human chain. Nothing is made that we wear that does not go through many human hands. And so really for me, the environmental aspects are extremely important. But.. it's really about brands being more open about their supply chain. And, specifically, when there is a red flag to be concerned about in someone that they've worked with, they need to let their peers in the space know, so that they are no longer ordering from that place. And instead, take their orders and their finances to factories that are doing it right…The environment that people are working in, for example, and then how their pay is and their education and how they're looked after.” Kerry Bannigan on Electric Ladies Podcast

As holiday shopping 2022 kicks off with this Thanksgiving week, in this interview, Kerry Bannigan, CEO and Founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign and Fashion Impact Fund, reminds us to shop sustainably, especially if you’re buying clothes. There are a range of new sustainable fabrics, organic fabrics with nontoxic dyes and cool stuff made from recycled materials (someone sent me shirts made from recycled water bottles!).

Listen to Kerry explain how the fashion industry is evolving (or not) to meet this moment when sustainability and social responsibility are taking a spot on the runway, in this powerful interview on Electric Ladies Podcast with host Joan Michelson.

You'll hear:

  • How the fashion industry really works and prioritizes.
  • Why fashion consumers are demanding more sustainable fashion and corporate responsibility – on the part of all players in the fashion world.
  • What the fashion industry needs to do now to evolve to meet the moment and ESG reporting requirements.
  • How really bad “fast fashion” really is for the environment and the workers, and what you can do with your clothing dollars.

Plus, great career advice....including…

“First of all, it's, and it's just a question I spot with myself often is 'am I happy?' What would make me happy? Drown out the noise. And it doesn't matter how crazy it sounds. It's just do it…. I think it's about researching what's out there, finding out, if you can sit in on events… There is so much out there and there is so much to learn and you shouldn't have to do it by leaving one thing which is seen as your secure paycheck...You shouldn't have to jump that to something else, to be able to try it. We need to be more open...and sharing what we're doing and bring people on the journey with us.” Kerry Bannigan on Electric Ladies Podcast


Read Joan’s Forbes articles here.

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  • Anna Robertson, Co-founder, The Cool Down, sustainable consumer website
  • Jennifer “JJ” Lee, United We Mask, making face masks from recycled fabric for all populations
  • Laura Jones, Frontlash Magazine, Celebrity stylist publishes a magazine on sustainable fashion
  • Jessica Schreiber, Fabscrap, turning fashion scraps into usable product
  • Amina Razvi, of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (now the CEO)

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