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Apr 2, 2024

“Regulation can really be a catalyst for transformation, for business transformation, because this is so much more than a disclosure and compliance exercise. “When you think about the mechanisms, the infrastructure, the data that will emerge from instituting more discipline and rigor around these disclosure objectives, (it) is absolutely critical to surface more timely where risk disruption can emerge. They give insight into choices that can be made.” Kristen Sullivan on Electric Ladies Podcast


The SEC released its final climate risk disclosure rules after a two year process of collecting thousands of public comments, hearing from investors and conducting analysis. These rules have the potential to be transformative because they require companies to disclose verified data about the climate impact on their bottom line, and on how their company affects climate change risk as well. What does it mean?

Listen to Kristen Sullivan, Deloitte Audit Partner, who leads the firm’s sustainability practice, and Electric Ladies Podcast host Joan Michelson as they decipher these new rules – and the opportunities they reveal.

You’ll hear:

  • What the SEC is asking companies to disclose verified data on, and why.
  • How companies could benefit from identifying this data and seeing its impact on their business.
  • Where this climate disclosure data might reveal opportunities that could be transformative for them.
  • How to prepare, when to start (now), and how to structure your preparation.
  • Plus, insightful career advice

Whether you're a marketing leader, whether you're a talent leader, a human resources leader, supply chain, finance, investor relations, legal, pick your favorite area of the business, really introducing a climate lens to what you do in your day job and really becoming a champion across your part of the organization. It opens up windows. We participate in meetings with clients all the time where parts of the organization come together that have never really had an opportunity or a remit to collaborate in certain areas. And so I think there's just a tremendous opportunity to bring sort of a tested set of skills, education, activities …to really become a change maker within your organization, a champion within your organization to drive this integration.”

Kristen Sullivan on Electric Ladies podcast


Read Joan’s Forbes article about the SEC climate risk disclosure rules and finding hidden business value here.


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