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Nov 8, 2021

“The GFANZ is potentially very interesting, because what they've done is say, we've got 450 institutions from around the world that have 130 trillion (dollars) worth of assets, all of whom are going to commit to try and decarbonize the world's economy and to get supposedly to net zero by 2050.” Gillian Tett on Electric Ladies Podcast

The thing about addressing climate change is that it requires every aspect of the economy to pivot to net zero. That’s the challenge the big UN climate conference known as COP26 is tackling head on this week. To do so, we need to “follow the money.” Enter the Global Financial Alliance for Net Zero, or GFANZ. What is and will it matter?

Listen to Gillian Tett, Editor-at-Large of the Financial Times and its former U.S. Managing Editor, explain the new Global Financial Alliance for Net Zero and why it matters, to Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson in this enlightening and witty conversation. Gillian has been one of the pillars of the financial community for many years and written books on it.   

You’ll hear about:

  • Why Gillian thinks GFANZ could be a pivotal tool to get us to a net zero economy.
  • What role the International Sustainability Standards Board will play in potentially bringing consistency to the various sustainability standards to hold companies accountable.
  • Why net zero and GFANZ brings accountants out from their “dull boring conference rooms” to the core of the fight to save the planet.
  • Why women are key – and what the UN’s new role should be.
  • Plus, insightful career advice ….

“Be tenacious. Don't give up. Recognize the wisdom of what Sheryl Sandberg once said to me, which is that life isn't a career ladder. It's a jungle gym. You can go up, 'round, sideways, spin around the backs, and you have to think more creatively and flexibly.” Gillian Tett on the Electric Ladies podcast

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You’ll also want to listen to:

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  • Kathryn Pavlovsky, Deloitte Energy, Resources & Industrials, on the energy transformation and ESG
  • Lisa Jacobson, Business Council for Sustainable Energy, on the impact of covid on energy and transitioning to a clean energy economy
  • Anne Kelly, VP of Government Relations at nonprofit Ceres, which helps businesses and policy come together for the planet and people, as well as the economy
  • Michele Wucker, thought leaders and author of “You Are What You Risk: The New Art & Science to Navigating an Uncertain World.”

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