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May 24, 2021

“…You have to know when to you have to know an opportunity when it's in front of you and you have to have the courage to take that opportunity…” That's a quote from GCR Host Joan Michelson on On Point Talk with Carlette Christmas.

This week we air an episode that was previously only available on our youtube page - Joan Michelson as a guest on another podcast, On Point Talk with Carlette Christmas.

Here are some key points discussed:

• Joan's career path through corporate journalism to working with Chrysler heading up the Communications and co-head the sales and marketing of their electric car division (despite not owning a car) which put her on the green economy trajectory and spurred Green Connections Radio podcast.

• Bringing awareness to the lack of women in the industry and using her outlet to increase the visibility of women.

• Helping women figure out their professional journeys as a career coach

• Career tips

• And more!

“Self-talk is huge self-talk and self-compassion. You won't always say the right thing, you won't always make the right decision, you won't always you know fill in the blank but you make the right decision and you say what you think is appropriate at that moment, but it's what we tell ourselves. If we say, ‘oh you're an idiot, you screwed that up’ then you're gonna bring yourself down, right? If you say ‘hey, you know, you put yourself out there, you gave it a shot.’ Makes all the difference in the world because when you feel good about it, it opens up possibilities and then you can see possibilities.”

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