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Jun 28, 2016

By innovatively solving a technical exhaust problem, this creative team from NG1 Techflo Exhaust won the Clean Tech Open – and all the funding and contacts that come with it.  What can you learn from their experience – and do you want this on your truck?

“One class 8 truck can save 40,000 lbs of carbon /year” with the NG1 system, and potentially $5,000-$10,000 in related costs, according to the NG1 website. That’s huge!

Listen to NG1 TECHflo and Co-Founders Cynthia O’Donnell and Dustin Nord tell Green Connections host Joan Michelson about how it dramatically improves fuel efficiency while decreasing emissions and reducing sound. Live from the Cleantech Open... (Note: We didn’t know they had won when we did this interview.)

It seems like if the NG1 Exhaust system was on every diesel truck in the transportation, hauling, construction, agriculture, mining, marine, locomotive, and military industries we’d reduce CO2 pollution considerably.

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