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Sep 18, 2020

“You can’t take offense at everything. If you do, you aren’t going to get along and getting along is important, but you do have to stand up for your rights. You have to take a seat at the table and you have to speak up.’” 

Jill Wine-Banks on Green Connections Radio podcast

We’re all navigating tough things, tough crises and tough people right now – and do it in a country led by a president whose modus operandi more often resembles a tough guy character in a mob movie than a world leader.  So, we spoke with a woman who has a long history of finessing world-changing tough situations and “tough guys” – successfully.

Listen to Jill Wine-Banks, legal analyst and former Watergate prosecutor (the only woman) after years prosecuting organized crime, former U.S Army General Counsel, and author of the new best-seller, “The Watergate Girl,” for remarkable stories and solid tips for how women can finesse these tough jobs and tough men with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson. 

You'll hear (take notes!):

  • How to walk the fine line between maintaining your femininity and integrity, and being taken seriously by “tough guy” men while doing a great job.
  • Vivid stories of being on the frontlines as President Nixon’s criminality unfolded into public view during the Watergate hearings and prosecution – and the only woman there.
  • How to manage sexism – intended or not – with men in powerful positions.
  • Blunt career advice for advancing in male-dominated fields, and making career transitions… and much more!

“List the things in past jobs that you loved and hated…and what jobs you could have using your skills in a different way…Don’t be dissuaded by not having certain skills, but focus on the things you can do instead.” Jill Wine-Banks on Green Connections Radio podcast

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