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Sep 20, 2022

“What's interesting about the ESG data, when you start to collect just the greenhouse gas, it's all surveys, it's all subjective information that you're collecting on a monthly basis. So, I think… the more questions you ask and the more data you're asking for and get to retrieve, and then collect, I think, starts to mold… your decision making ability."

Bridget Hughes on Electric Ladies Podcast

 If you think you aren’t affected by the massive economic shift towards ESG – environment, social and governance – then think again.  Whether you’re a small business doing business with large companies, or want to, OR a large company subject to SEC regulations, OR a leader in either of those, or an investor, you’ll need to have your ESG tracking and reporting systems in place. How?

Listen to Bridget Hughes of Donnelley Financial Solutions in this fascinating interview with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

  • How what industry you’re in matters.
  • Their five points strategy for starting on the ESG journey
  • How to make sense of the different ESG-related standards
  • Plus, insightful career advice.

And much more!

“I think you want to go into something where, um, you you'll always be able to serve a purpose… I think women really need to be aware that things are going to happen in life and you should be prepared to be able to support yourself….But also do what you enjoy to do. Don't stay in a job because you think you have to stay in a job, but just make sure that you are leaving yourself options and doing what you like to do but still making a difference.“ Bridget Hughes on Electric Ladies podcast


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