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Nov 15, 2019

Nardia Haigh, U. of Mass, Boston

“Scenario planning…is really about trying to think, what could the future look like? And, how can we adapt and prepare for whatever the future might hold? You do that by identifying what are the underlying drivers? What’s going to shape the future one way or the other?” 

Nardia Haigh on Green Connections Radio


The only thing certain is uncertainty – in our careers, our businesses, in preparing your community for the impact of climate change, or in our personal lives. So, how do we possibly prepare?

Dr. Nardia Haigh suggests using scenario planning, a methodology she described in seven steps to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson in this enlightening interview, that we can apply to any decisions, as she did in  her new book, Scenario Planning for Climate Change. She helps her students at the University of Massachusetts Boston apply it to their career decisions too.

You’ll hear – and want to take notes!:

  • What the seven steps are and how to apply them to anything.
  • Examples of scenario planning in real situations and different time horizons.
  • How it helps you identify the factors you might otherwise miss in other decision-making processes.
  • How to focus on what will matter most, no matter what happens.
  • Insightful career advice too!

“Think about the recipients of your work….think about the impact your work is having on the families (for example), rather than just the task at hand.” Nardia Haigh on Green Connections Radio

Read Joan’s Forbes blog on Nardia’s planning system too.

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