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Jan 3, 2020

“We have more generations in the workforce than ever before and their life experiences are very different….Look at the other person as a peer.” 

Mary Lee Gannon on Green Connections Radio

You probably visited with people of all ages over the holidays, and today you have the same variety in the workplace  – and it’s both a gift, because of the wide range of experiences and perspectives they bring, and a challenge. 

Just as your Aunt or cousin might have heard some people over the holidays stereotyping people based on their age (including maybe even you), today, those stereotypes are more often wrong and can interfere with success.

Listen to this enlightening and engaging interview with healthcare CEO and executive coach Mary Lee Gannon on how to manage and maximize this new workforce – and more career advice too.

You'll hear practical advice on:

  • How to build successful partnerships in a multi-generational, diverse workforce.
  • How to listen to establish trust – and how to give feedback
  • How to have a growth mindset at any age – and help your team have one too.
  • How to maximize this new workforce for
  • Why people 50+ are the most adaptable.
  • Critical career and unique job interview tipsand much more!

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