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May 1, 2020

“What’s happening on a physiological level is that the more time we spend in the natural world…paying attention to the natural world around us, it’s actually switching off parts of our brain associated with the fear, stress…and helping us access creativity, intuition, our capacity for innovation, to make better decisions.”

Tabitha Jayne on Green Connections Radio podcast

Could combining looking at how nature functions, such as how a rose easily blooms, with the systems in professional coaching help us achieve more of our potential? Tabitha Jayne says it worked for her after personal tragedy, so she created the “Coaching With Nature” program to help others too.

Listen to Tabi describe this novel coaching program and why she says it works, complete with an understanding of “ecopsychology,” in this enlightening interview on Green Connections Radio podcast with host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

  • What “ecopsychology” is and why the relationship between humans and nature is more complex that we might think.
  • How nature’s ecosystems can be a model for our own decision-making.
  • The physiology of what happens to our bodies and brains when we spend ample time in nature.
  • How this method of coaching has been helping her clients, including as leaders.
  • Plus great career advice!

(I)t is so important to believe in yourself, to trust all the skills, knowledge and experience that you have and build upon that integrating them into your next stage, so that you will be able to see yourself doing well on that next journey. And, believe me, when you bring all that skillset together and believe in yourself, that is truly when miracles start to happen and in moving forward within your career.”

Tabitha Jayne on Green Connections Radio podcast

Read my Forbes blog about her coaching approach here and on career advice here.

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