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Jan 18, 2022

“To me it's an exciting industry, the auto industry, so I wondered ‘why aren’t more women, particularly young women interested in the automotive industry?’…So this is why I conducted a quantitative-qualitative correlational study looking at relationships between all these things the experts say you should do…. I wanted to know, ‘is that really true?’ … And if it IS accurate, then why don’t we have more women at least in middle management?”

Lisa Brown on Electric Ladies Podcast

Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, hydrogen vehicles. Ride-sharing. The automotive sector is being transformed. Car companies are even calling themselves “mobility” companies now. Yet, they are still largely dominated by men, and white men at that. They say they have diversity programs, and career planning and mentorship programs and other strategies to support women’s advancement in the industry. And yet…the numbers don’t change. Why?

Listen to Lisa Brown, Ph.D. explain her findings in her ground-breaking new quantitative and qualitative research on this issue in this enlightening interview by Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson. (Electric Ladies was formerly known as Green Connections Radio.)

You’ll hear:

  • What she studied and why she chose it.
  • Whether she found that diversity programs actually work – and why or why not.
  • What she discovered about career planning programs in corporates and where they succeed and fail.
  • What you should ask for to get what you need from these programs
  • Plus, insightful career advice for your own career, no matter what sector you’re in.

And much more!

“Have a plan. I think sometimes, we have ideas, but we don’t take the time to plan….Get out of your comfort zone. If you’re an introvert, take that step to get to know folks. If you’re an extrovert, sometimes take that time to be quiet and to listen, to be that fly on the wall. And I would also say, invest in yourself. A lot of times, self-care is something that we don’t do. But invest in yourself, take the time, whether it’s just a self-help book, or taking a course to improve certain skill sets…. And last, but not least. Offer yourself some grace. Don’t be so hard on yourself.“

Lisa Brown on Electric Ladies podcast

Read Joan’s Forbes articles here.

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