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May 14, 2021

“Sometimes I find that the assumption that you’re making is what’s keeping you from seeing other possibilities.” That's a quote from GCR Host Joan Michelson on the All In podcast with Daniel Giordano recently

In this episode, we turn the tables on our host, Joan Michelson, and air a recent interview of her on another podcast, All In with Daniel Giordano.

Here are some of the key topics Daniel says she talks about:

  • Joan’s key area of focus when it comes to clients (mid-career women in STEM-related fields) and why she chose that area.
  • Coaching requires a different approach for each individual client, as people are all different and have different needs, so an “assembly line” type of structure that offers the same process to all people is very limiting.
  • Joan’s idea of a “Career GPS” that looks at where clients ideally want to go with their career, but allows room for tangents and diversions, as some of the best opportunities are those you never expect.
  • The importance of assessing the assumptions you have about your career and your future and what those assumptions are based on"

“(A coach) is not just something that you have when the 'proverbial' hits the fan, or when you feel out of sorts, it’s also to take you to the next level.”

“An assembly line works great for assembling cars, or clothing, or computers, but you’re a human being, and you have a different process than other just have the same process for everybody, hasn’t worked for my clients and hasn’t worked for me personally. I find those very limiting.”

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Thank you to Daniel Giordano for including GCR Host Joan Michelson in his powerful show!

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