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Mar 31, 2017

As the D.C. Environmental Film Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary, Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson spoke with Founder Flo Stone about the festival’s unusual business model, and environmental filmmaking circa 2017.

The festival attracted 30,000 attendees and reached far and wide across Washington, DC into every neighborhood with its uniquely structured festival. Films are screened in venues all over the city, with themes corresponding to the venues, and are often followed by a panel discussion with the filmmaker.

This is truly a primer in how to produce a successful film festival, if you listen carefully.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to get creative in producing a film festival that has been self-sustaining from the start.
  • Trends in environmental filmmaking – and in who is attending.
  • How films for this festival are chosen, and how it differs radically from other festivals.
  • The impact on the arts of the potentially draconian budget cuts proposed by the new administration and what we can do about it.

(There's some DCEFF background noise. Recorded as Green Connections Radio.)

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