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Aug 31, 2021

Earth’s Data Speaks - Olivia Martin,

“Really use the information…We hope that it helps you develop opinions… (that help you) vote, contact your representatives…We really hope that this report among others will empower…people and as voters to, to use the data, to hold their government accountable.”

Olivia Martin, USAFacts on Electric Ladies Podcast


What is the Earth saying this year? We see lots of reports from various sources, but the ones that government officials and business leaders tend to rely on are from government sources, whether those sources are local, state or federal. What does the information say about the State of Earth in 2021 and where does that data come from?


Listen to this fascinating interview with data scientist Olivia Martin of USAFacts on Electric Ladies, the podcast formerly known as Green Connections Radio, with host Joan Michelson.  USAFacts is a nonprofit founded by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to collect and analyze data from all government sources, no matter how granular they need to get. And, they make sense of it for the rest of us, translating what the Earth’s data is telling us, so we can use it.

You’ll hear:

  • How collects this information and keeps it up to date.
  • How they analyze and organize it, and find sources to fill in the gaps, so we can use it.
  • What Earth is saying in 2021 – and the loud alarms about climate change we need to heed.
  • How you can use this data – to vote, contact your representatives and hold government accountable.
  • Plus, insightful career advice from an old soul in a young lady…. and more.

“Whenever you're a woman in a field that is typically not dominated by women, which is very true in the data space …I think having confidence in yourself and having confidence in the research you've done and your own preparation is important.”

Olivia Martin on Electric Ladies podcast


Read Joan’s Forbes articles on this here and here on the data.

You’ll also want to listen to (some of these are under the name Green Connections Radio):

  • Olivia Martin, USAFacts: on their 2020 State of the Earth report.
  • Katharine Hayhoe, Ph.D., Climate Scientist, Time “100 Pioneer,” and University of Texas Professor
  • Kathleen Rogers, President, Earth Day Network on citizen scientists collecting climate data.
  • Heather Long, Economics Reporter, the Washington Post, on how women suffer in this economic crisis.
  • Michelle Wyman, Executive Director of National Council of Science and the Environment on how to talk to policymakers about science to keep science in policy decisions.

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