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Mar 31, 2019

“There is some sense that women lead differently than men, but it’s hard to parse out if it’s because of gender differences or because women have historically been in the non-dominant group and men have been in the dominant group.”  Laura Liswood on Green Connections Radio

Cultural dynamics drive the ability to innovate, hirings and promotions, whether it invests in sustainability and responsibility, and, well, how an organization functions across the board. Culture itself is driven by the dominant values of the leadership, and is reflected in its policies, says Laura Liswood, Secretary General of the Council of Women World Leaders, who has studied, interviewed and worked with dozens of female heads of state and ministers, Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits, where she has led diversity programs.

Listen to Liswood’s perspective in this fascinating interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson live from the U.S Chamber of Commerce commemorating International Women’s Day,

You'll hear:

·       What exactly “dominant” and “non-dominant” styles are and why they are powerful.

·       The pros and cons of women’s networks vs. men’s

·       Collaboration differences and why they matter.

·       How leveraging women’s creative instincts helps drive innovation.

·       Critical career advice… and much more!

“What is your true north that is going to make you feel really energized? Be open to what the possibilities can be for you. As Mary Catherine Bateson has said, women’s life experiences are more likely to  look like a quilt, with blocks of experience.”Laura Liswood on Green Connections Radio

Read my Forbes blog from this interview, too - on this issue here too.

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