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May 18, 2016

Americans love their SUV’s and the number of electric vehicles on the road is still only a small percentage of all vehicles. Transportation is one of the top energy users on the planet and car manufacturers respond to what we buy – not what we say.

Anna Schneider, Vice President of Industry-Government Relations at Volkswagen of America shares with host Joan Michelson the auto industry’s challenges and what VW is doing to reduce its footprint - and ours.

For example, they have the only Platinum LEED-certified manufacturing plant - anywhere, in any industry.

How have regulations affected the growth of the electric car market? What is the impact of low gas prices on car buying? Manufacturers?

Listen to this intriguing interview with an expert who has spent her entire career in the auto industry. (Note: This interview was recorded just before the story broke about the EPA tests of their clean diesel vehicles, so it is not addressed.)