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Jun 22, 2020

“Values by and large don’t really change…What changes is your behavior around your values.”

Erin Michelson on Green Connections Radio podcast

Can we measure kindness? Take our Green Connections Kind Quiz and listen to this fascinating interview with Erin Michelson, CEO and Founder of Summery, a data analytics company focused on measuring employee kindness and social values, on Green Connections Radio podcast with host Joan Michelson to find out how they do it. They developed the Kind Quiz to do just that. (Note: We think Erin and Joan are distant cousins.)

You’ll hear:

  • How Summery developed their Kind Quiz to measure employee kindness and social values.
  • Why the Gates Foundation and several Fortune 500 companies have used a version of Summery’s Kind Quiz to help with their own employee engagement initiatives.
  • How Sunmery measures the corporate culture and compares employee profiles to it in their proprietary scoring methodology.
  • Plus career advice unique to this historic moment…. and more.

“Take the time to scope out your perfect job…What’s going to make you personally happy…What’s going to make me the most fulfilled?”

Erin Michelson on Green Connections Radio podcast


You’ll also want to listen to:

  • Kristin Haffert, Co-Founder of Mine The Gap, gender diversity consultancy
  • Rachel Gutter, President of the International Well Building Institute, on questions to ask before you go back into your workplace.
  • Anne Bahr Thompson, of One Sixty Fourth branding agency, on her book “Do Good” about corporate responsibility.
  • Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud, SVP, helping companies measure employee with social responsibility initiatives.

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