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Apr 17, 2020

“Brand citizenship is a way of doing business – from a company’s core purpose; to its delivery of goods and services; to its responsibility to its employees, community, the environment and the world – that people trust, believe in and rely on…all with the aim of earning profits that are maintainable over the long term.”     Anne Bahr Thompson on Green Connections Radio podcast

Do you get mad seeing ads selling normal stuff these days, as if we’re not in a global health crisis? What should companies, leaders and marketers do in this unprecedented crisis? Should you just post messages of support for first responders and healthcare workers? Do special offers work now?  

Listen to this fascinating Green Connections Radio podcast interview with Anne Bahr Thompson, veteran branding expert, former head of a division of megabranding agency Interbrand and author of “Do Good: Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit,” to find out.

You’ll hear:

  • How to be compassionate and a good corporate citizen at this time, from how you can help, to how you treat your employees, to ads you run (or don’t).
  • The five stages of Brand Citizenship® and how to do them (trust, enrichment, contribution, etc.).
  • Why planning and understanding what your relationship is with your customers are both crucial.
  • What “fitness stretches for your brand” are and why they matter.
  • Plus great career advice!

“We each come into the world with gifts. And, how do we apply those gifts and have them intersect with the things we’re good at and the things we’re interested in so that we can contribute.” Anne Bahr Thompson on Green Connections Radio

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