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Mar 19, 2021

“I think there’s more that’s happened in probably the past two years in the sustainable and ESG investing space than probably has in the prior 20 years.”

Kathleen McQuiggan on Green Connections Radio podcast

“Your money is power,” veteran financial advisor Kathleen McQuggan reminds us, and today more than ever. What if we could invest in ways that support advancing women and protecting the planet, while also earning the financial returns we want and need? Yes, we can.

Listen to Kathleen McQuiggan, Wealth Advisor at Artemis Advisors and former head of Pax World’s Global Women’s Index Fund explain how, with ESG investing – for environment, social and governance-focused – and how women are changing the world of money and investing.

You'll learn:

  • How ESG investing outperformed other investments, especially during the pandemic-economic crisis.
  • What to look for and beware of, and why.
  • Why you can’t evaluate every industry’s environmental performance the same way.
  • Why diversity of experience and thought, as well as demographics, drives performance and innovation.
  • ..Kathleen’s 4 key pieces of career advice.


"You need to have a wealth plan…..What do you have coming in, what do you have going out? How much money you need to make and...What’s in the future for you?....What do want your money to do for you?…And, make sure you have a retirement plan in place.”

Kathleen McQuiggan on Green Connections Radio podcast


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  • Gabrielle Rubenstein, Managing Partner and Founder, Manna Tree Partners, investors in food companies making our food supply more transparent and healthier.
  • Julie Fox Gorte, Pax World Investment head of ESG investing

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