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Mar 13, 2018

“(A)s you get more senior in your career, the subjectivity of what people think leadership is has a greater and greater role to play…this (is a) very subjective definition of what potential really is and most people confuse potential and capability.”

Lauren Leader-Chivee on Green Connections Radio

What will it take for more women to make history in senior leadership? How do more and more women get promoted to senior leadership? It’s complicated….and it’s “filled with bias,” according to diversity consultant Lauren Leader-Chivee, who previously headed the Center for Talent Innovation.

“To innovate, we need new ideas, new perspectives, new solutions. To get these new ideas, we need differing points of view at the table. differing experiences and perspectives,” as you’ve probably heard Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson say numerous times. But when most of senior leadership is men (and white men at that), we don’t have enough diverse ideas, and leading companies today still have a paltry number of women in leadership.

“One third (33%) of global businesses had no women in senior management roles, a number which has not changed since 2011.” That’s a 2017 number from, the non-profit focused on workplaces for women. As of April 2018, only 24 of the Fortune 500 CEOs will be women (3 retire from today’s 27).

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, listen to Lauren and Joan talk about what it takes for women to be seen as leaders and promoted to the top ranks.

You’ll hear:

  • Why Lauren says “We are all accountable?”
  • The difference between “potential” and “capability”
  • What to look for in the data
  • What makes good women’s initiatives
  • Changing careers, asking for help, supporting each other

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