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Jun 23, 2017

With the recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market by Amazon, it’s a good time to listen to Green Connections Radio host’s fascinating conversation with Whole Foods Markets’ Global Head of Sustainable Facilities, Kathy Loftus.

Kathy initiated some innovative strategies to reduce the enormous energy consumption of the retailer’s 420 stores and myriad other buildings. How will those change? Or, will Amazon learn from WF’s strategies for the rest of its buildings?  (Her previous title was Global Head of Energy Efficiency etc., so that’s the title used in the episode, which aired originally a couple of years ago.)

Listen to Kathy tell us about the following, among other topics:

  • Whole Foods' energy portfolio - sources? % renewable?
  • Putting the freezers “to bed” at night to reduce energy consumption
  • How little things can be signs of bigger issues – and solutions
  • Balancing customer access and selection with WF quality standards
  • How they price their products – and her answer to their image as “Whole Paycheck”
  • Career tips for this evolving role

And more!

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Listen to Kathy Loftus, Global Leader of Sustainable Engineering and Energy Management for Whole Foods