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Dec 8, 2017

"Never give up and be confident in what you know."

Michele Bartolini on Green Connections Radio

All of us humans use a lot of paper. Look at all the paper on your desk and in your printer. During the year-end holidays we especially use a lot of paper - wrapping paper, greeting cards, year-end reports and budgets.

Recycled paper has become a common part of our lives, but where does it come from? Does it really save forests? Energy and water use? Today we find out.

Listen to Michele Bartolini of Rolland Paper explain the process to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson and learn:

  • How recycled paper is made, certifications that matter
  • How they reduced their energy use by 93 percent (their secret weapon that others can use too)
  • Identifying a new solution within your own company or organization
  • Benefiting from lifecyle assessments
  • Insights from her unique career transition....

...and more!


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