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Dec 2, 2016

Whether dining out or planning a party, those of us who care about sustainability want to spend our money consistent with these values, especially for holidays and special occasions. But how?

Listen to Linda Chipperfield of Green Seal describe to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how to identify sustainable restaurants, and how Green Seal certifies restaurants in their new guide.

She’ll also tell us the kinds of gifts that make a difference this holiday season – and for all occasions.

You’ll hear: 

  • What makes a restaurant truly “sustainable” and how to verify the claims.
  • If using the term “organic” on the menu means it’s been verified.
  • Questions to ask before booking your party at the restaurant or venue.
  • Websites for “green gifts” and how to tell – and gifting “experiences.”

The Green Seal website has more tools and information as well.  Share your favorite gifts on our Facebook page or tweet them to @joanmichelson.

Check out also our episodes with Steve Aaron of Child’s Play Toys on cool clean energy toys, and with Jules Pieri of The Grommet on gifts made from sustainable materials by eco-conscious small businesses.

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