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Jan 11, 2019

“Much like you would go to pump a gallon of gas at the gas station, knowing how much you save through energy efficiency should be able to be a consistent metric that everyone…can know what the component pieces are.”

Carmen Best on Green Connections Radio

Carmen Best found clever ways to use her geology degree, including now leading the policy development team at a cool new tech start-up that is increasing energy efficiency, from homes to buildings to utilities.

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) says energy efficiency is our 3rd largest energy resource, so this is huge.  Listen to Carmen, Director of Policy at Open EE, describe this new technology and how it keeps your utility and other energy providers honest by providing independent monitoring of how systems are operating, before efficiency programs are installed and afterwards.  This verifies the return on investments.

You'll hear:

  • How energy efficiency really works.
  • How Oregon used the Open EE system to see if their pay-for-performance programs were effective.
  • How Pacific Gas & Electric, the California utility is using Open EE’s technology to see if their interventions to increase energy efficiency and reduce ratepayer costs are working,
  • Which energy efficiency systems need to be open and accessible to be verifiable and share data, and which need to be private in order to be more secure.
  • Why the open source model is so critical to transparency of verifying the results.
  • The 3 core elements that all jurisdictions can/should be using to increase energy efficiency
  • Interesting career insights too….

And, how she went from geology to the Public Utility Commission to a cleantech startup…and what you can learn from her experience.

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