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Oct 7, 2016

“There’s an imagination gap.” Rachel Kyte said.

Innovating Economic Development & Energy & GeoPolitics From the Person Leading It

Wow! Rachel Kyte, CEO of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All program articulately describes the challenges of developing a clean energy infrastructure with 21st century technology with every country on earth – and as fast as possible, because populations are at grave risk.

Implementing the Paris Climate Accord is in her lap, and it’s a fine dance of diplomacy, technology, science, negotiation, creative business and financial modeling, and entrenched positions – with human survival in the balance. This is much more than “an agreement.”

You’ll hear about:

  • Innovation to increase access to energy – and therefore economic well-being – across the globe.
  • The art of developing new business and financial models among parties from different economic structures and values that drive results.
  • What’s missing and the “next big thing.”
  • Influence management, communication skills, and career advice for innovators (and women)

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